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Safety Habits. Our Theme of the Week.

This week we are learning about safety habits. This post highlights the purpose of our lesson plan and a few activities you can practice at home. Key Focus: Why Safety Comes First Keeping your child safe is a fundamental concern for every parent. While it might be wonderful to hold your little one’s hand every […]

“Earth Yoga” and the Environment

The Environment is our focus at Rayito de Sol this week. And that opens up a world of possibilities for learning and fun. As you will see a little later on in this post, Earth Yoga is an activity that uses movement to stimulate learning in little brains about our earth. But first let’s discuss […]

Plants. A Pretty Cool Way to Learn.

Every week at Rayito de Sol we have a theme for our teachers and students. This week we are learning about plants and the environment. With Spring just around the corner, you’ll soon have all kinds of ways to put this learning to use. We think plants are a particularly cool topic because they have […]