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Spanish First, Nobel Second.

We told you 52% of CEOs are billingual. This next statistic, however, will blow your mind. Over 60% of Nobel Prize Winners, since 2015, are bilingual— or they speak multiple languages. Yeah, we know they are smart, but still. That makes Rayito for your infant through 6 year old a no-brainer. Enroll today and get 50% […]

Why 51% of CEOs are Bilingual.

Spanish First, CEO Second. A Spanish Immersion Education Can Impact Your Children’s Future Career and Success. Studies show that early and continual bilingual education is known to positively impact SAT/ACT scores. Also, it has been positively correlated with higher college admission outcomes. But what are the benefits for bilingual individuals once they graduate? Impressively, there […]

Lone Hispanic Candidate Can’t Speak Spanish.

Spanish First News: JuliÁn CastroDisadvantage of Not being bilingual Sorting through the plethora of candidates running for the democratic candidate in the 2020 election is an almost guaranteed method to a self-inflicted headache, we get that. But we want to focus on one candidate today. Not intended to endorse or persuade political views or support, […]

Settle “Early Decision” Earlier–Learn Spanish.

SETTLE “EARLY DECISION” EARLIER Benefits of Being Bilingual and the Correlation with College Acceptance Outcomes. The drive home from the hospital may seem a bit early to start thinking about your newborns’ college education and career. But 20 years ago, the idea of multi-year long waiting lists to get into a preschool also would’ve seemed […]