Churros on a paper towel and chocolate sauce on the side

Celebrating Hispanic Food: 4 Recipes to Try with Kids

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Every year, Americans celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. They celebrate the many great contributions of their fellow Hispanic and Latin American brothers and sisters.  Observing Hispanic Heritage Month is…
preschool kids playing mexican guitar

Fast Facts About Hispanic Heritage Month

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The National Hispanic Heritage Month is drawing close! Starting September 15, the country will celebrate and honor the Hispanic and Latino community in a month filled with joyful festivities.  To help your kids understand the importance…
hwo to talk to children about racism early

How to Talk to Children About Racism

REMAINING SILENT IS NOT AN OPTION How to talk to children about racism is a very important and dear subject to me. As a proud Peruvian woman, mother, sister, friend, and business owner of Black and Latina descent, I have made cultural diversity,…