WE DID IT!!!!!!
Rayito de Sol have earn the four stars... Parent Aware HIGHEST POSSIBLE RATING TOOL Selecting High Quality child Care and Early Education IN OUR BOTH LOCATIONS

What is Parent Aware Rating Tool?
The Parent Aware Rating Tool In Parent Aware, programs seeking a full rating must meet all of the indicators at the first star level (or block) in order to earn a 1-star rating. To reach Two Stars, programs must also meet all of the indicators at the Two Star level (or block). Programs must meet all indicators at the One and Two Star levels before their application is considered for a Three or Four Star rating. To earn Three or Four stars, programs must earn points on additional indicators and meet specific requirements.
The number of points earned determines whether a program achieves Three or Four Stars.
Parent Aware indicators are grouped into four categories:
1. Physical health and well-being
2. Teaching and relationships
3. Assessment of child progress
4. Teacher training and education
The quality indicators in these categories are nearly identical for family child care programs and center-based programs. Major differences in indicators across the two program types are noted
below in the teaching and relationships category and the teacher training and education category.