What Sets Rayito de Sol apart from the rest?

Rayito de Sol is a unique learning environment that integrates childcare and education in a language immersion environment. From day one, your child is warmly welcomed into the care of our teachers.

“She loves going to school every day, and the teachers are clearly genuinely invested in the well-being and development of each child in their care.”

We provide learning experiences through discovery, exploration, and hands-on activities that are fun and memorable. We encourage the fusion of play and learning in our classrooms for a stimulating and proactive environment for your child.


We provide an environment that encourages respect and appreciation for cultural diversity and inclusion. Incorporating the Spanish language immersion through cultural awareness where children learn and perform folklore, music, and dancing from the 21 countries that speak Spanish as a official language in the world.

“My kids are now prepared with language skills that will provide opportunities throughout their lifetime and they are exposed to Latino culture.”

We strive to form and maintain a cooperative partnership with families in order to work together to meet each child’s specific educational, social, and emotional needs. We want your family to feel as it is a part of our family.

“We love the teachers. They are passionate, loving, intelligent, gentle, and care deeply about their kids. Every month they explore different values, like respect, compassion etc.”

“I am a firm believer, not only in education and development, but in family, culture, relationships, and supporting individuals throughout their life’s journey…” - Luisa Fuentes

“My daughter attended preschool there as well and is now finishing Kindergarten in a Chinese Immersion School where she has thrived. Rayito taught her to love learning about languages and cultures. She has wholeheartedly embraced bilingual education...”


Rayito de Sol believes a child care environment should be rich in opportunities and cultural diversity for cognitive development and an appreciation for the world as a whole. Schedule a tour and meet our teachers!