The Benefits of Summer Swim Camp

Rayito de Sol offers Summer Camp for Infants through Kinder-prep and School age, during the summer months in June, July, and August.

Your child will attend our camp Monday through Friday from 6:30am – 5:30pm. Each month we will focus on a specific Latin culture not covered during our regular months, in an effort to continue to expand your child’s knowledge and understanding.

Benefits of Summer Camp

In-Depth Latin Immersion


It is important to focus on new Latin cultures to continue your child’s education and immersion into Latin studies. The three Latin cultures that we will focus on are, the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs. We will focus on learning more about these Latin cultures through art projects, dancing, music, folklore, and other fun surprise projects and activities.

Structured Learning

Let’s break the routine! Whether your child currently attends our learning center or if you’re looking for something new for the summer, your child will have a huge advantage attending our Summer Camp in a structured learning environment. We have activities and learning experiences different from the ones they do the during the school year and this helps them to challenge routines through learning at Rayito de Sol. Every day is planned to keep your child interested and engaged, giving priority to the three largest cultures of our American continent.

Prevent the “Summer Slide”

Summer is a time to have fun! We want to make sure your child is continuing to learn and practice the many skills they may learned from the previous year as well as prepare them for the upcoming year. By enrolling your child in our Summer Camp they never have to take a break from immersive learning! Your child will have the following opportunities:

1. Access: Access by which children are given the opportunity to experience cultural and artistic life and to acquire knowledge about a wide spectrum of different forms of expression.

2. Participation: Participation requires that children be offered concrete opportunities, individually or collectively, to express themselves freely, communicate, act and participate in creative activities, with a view to achieving the full development of their personalities.

3. Contribution: The contribution to cultural life including spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional expressions of culture and the arts, thus promoting the development and transformation of society.

In our summer camp, children will learn to be more tolerant and to coexist with people who are not from their environment. They will make new friends, share rooms, games, activities and participate in making some decisions. Your child will have the opportunity to learn to live in cooperation, socialize and integrate, improve communication, express oneself, to develop spiritually and personally, experience freedom and to create and participate.


Other Activities We Will Have Along the Way!

Monday’s are special dress up days. Children can choose to dress in the color of the day - like Rosado (Pink) or to be comfortable and wear pajamas! We will be learning more through themed art projects and classroom activities. We have plenty of indoor and outdoor activities (weather permitting) for your child to enjoy and be a part of every day. Being active is important to include in your child’s daily routine! Not only do they learn the importance of exercise, they build stronger friendships and release their energy along the way. We have indoor and outdoor activities such as, sprinkler day, bike day, yoga, zumba and plenty of fun surprise activities! We also incoroporate dance! Dancing is a very powerful instrument to develop cultural pride and respect for different cultures. In the same way, when they learn traditional dances from other cultures, children learn to respect those cultures and expand their knowledge about the world.

Our Summer Show

At the end of Summer Camp we want your child to have the opportunity to show off what they have learned for their family and friends. Our Summer show is held the Saturday before the last week and showcases the songs, dances and folklore we have learned all summer long. Would you like to learn more? Schedule a Tour today!