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How to Talk to Children About Racism

REMAINING SILENT IS NOT AN OPTION How to talk to children about racism is a very important and dear subject to me. As a proud Peruvian woman, mother, sister, friend, and business owner of Black and Latina descent, I have made cultural diversity, inclusion, equality, and respecting others a part of my life’s work at […]


Healthy Snacks for Kids at Rayito

Rayito de Sol prioritizes the overall health and wellness of each child that attends our programs. We work diligently to incorporate activities, learning initiatives, and core concepts that provide the foundation for children to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. As a part of these initiatives, we provide nutritious snack options at all […]

How Learning Spanish Increases Your Childs’ Cultural Awareness

Language is a core part of most societies. The circular relationship of language to culture is unique because culture helps shape languages, while language is developed and shaped by culture. Learning another language can serve as an introduction and further study and appreciation of other people, places, beliefs, and traditions, thereby increasing our cultural awareness […]

Integrating Learning into Playtime

Playtime – The Natural Path to Learning for Kids As babies, we begin learning through our senses the moment we are born. This sensory learning builds upon our brain development by establishing neural connections as we grow and continue to experience the world around us. These connections help us make sense of our environment and […]