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Pumpkins, Pinecones, & Leaves: 7 Amazing Fall Crafts for Kids

Autumn is an exciting time for many reasons, and not just for pumpkin-themed treats. Soon, cold winds will replace the striking heat, and the leaves will turn red, yellow, and orange from green. We can also begin counting down for holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for autumn-themed projects for your kids, you’ve […]

Summer Reading: The Best Books for Preschoolers

It’s just a few days until summer is here! Summer breaks aren’t just a time for fun games and trips to the beach. It is also a wonderful time to catch up on your kid’s reading. If you’re still in the process of building your collection of children’s books, it can be difficult choosing the […]

Easy 4th of July Craft for Toddlers

The Fourth of July brings together families in a day filled with fireworks, parades, and get-togethers. You can feel the spirit of freedom with festive items in red, white, and blue. And what better way to celebrate this day than to create exciting art projects with your kids? If you’re looking for STEAM-related crafts for […]

Helping Your Child Cope with Back-to-School Anxiety

Ever since the pandemic started, children and parents have been required to stay inside the house. Due to this, kids have limited chances to interact with their peers. This situation makes it more difficult for preschoolers to prepare for formal classes. Read on to discover tips on managing back to school anxiety. What is back […]

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Most kids enter kindergarten at the age of five. The idea that children should be ready for school at five years old is a hot topic for debate, however.  Some argue that age is just a number. If you think about it, kids learn to walk and talk at different stages of their lives. And […]

The Benefits of a STEAM Approach to Curriculum

Preparing your child for the next step in education is an important responsibility. Part of this involves ensuring that your kid learns in a way that stimulates their critical thinking, observation, and communication skills.  With that said, maybe you’ve considered enrolling your child in a STEAM preschool. But what is it and how is it […]