Rayito de Sol Infant Program

Your baby is our number one priority. Our infant program was designed to balance their developmental milestones with the love and care that every baby needs.
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The Infant Program

Our infant program starts as young as 6 weeks and goes through 16 months. Small class sizes help meet the individual needs of your child, and a flexible schedule allows us to balance your child’s needs with the activities of the day. Parents stay involved in their child’s progress through daily updates via our app and semi-annual parent/teacher conferences.

Language Development

Your baby’s first sounds will eventually form into their first words. The first year especially sees dramatic growth in language development. We will help them to learn respond to verbal and nonverbal cues, while teaching them the fundamentals of language development.

Play and Social Development

In developing social cues and play, it’s common for babies to sit next to each other while playing, and even sometimes parallel play. We will work on their social development and play by encouraging parallel play, sharing of toys, and group activities for the children to engage together.

Fine and Gross Motor Development

We work individually with each child to go from reflexive movements to intentional movements like grabbing a toy, learning to crawl, and walking confidently. Age-appropriate activities will also help them achieve the pincer grasp and other fine motor development milestones.

Cognitive Development

Everyday interactions with teachers and other students help your child’s brain and grow. Cognitive development happens through a combination of activities, which all include a STEAM approach to develop all areas of the brain.

A Day in the Life of the Infant Program

Every baby is unique, so we accommodate to each feeding and sleeping schedule individually. All infants in our program can benefit from these activities:

Other Infant Program Activities

Pinata Parties to
celebrate birthdays

Music, singing and

Annual events

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