Rayito de Sol Toddler Program

The toddler stage is full of exciting milestones. Our Toddler program is designed to encourage their natural curiosity for learning while helping them build self-confidence. We’ll also focus on problem-solving skills and learning to balance independence with social development.
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The Toddler Program

Our toddler program is for children ages 16 months through 33 months. Small class sizes help meet the individual needs of your child and provide hands-on instruction, and adding more structure to their day helps to develop a sense of routine. Parents stay involved in their child’s progress through daily updates via our app and semi-annual parent/teacher conferences.

Language Development

The toddler years are when your child begins to understand more words, and start to put sentences together. With our program being 100% in Spanish, they will receive the benefits of learning their first words in English at home, Spanish at school, and learn both language from non-verbal cues too.

Play and Social Development

As your toddler grows and learns to walk, run, and climb, they will also learn to play with others. Our program is designed for them to learn independent play to understand rules, as well as playing with others and starting to share. These are also ways that will help them learn to problem solve together.

Fine and Gross Motor Development

Age-appropriate activities are used to help your child develop and finesse their fine motor skills. Children will begin practicing drawing, tracing, and attempting handwriting. We also have designed outside/free play time for them to move their bodies and work on running, climbing and playing.

Cognitive Development

Everyday interactions with teachers and other students help your child’s brain develop and grow. Toddlers especially are learning to better process and organize information to understand the world around them. Cognitive development happens through a combination of activities, which all include a STEAM approach to develop all areas of the brain.

A Day in the Life of the Toddler Program

Other Toddler Program Benefits:

Pinata Parties to
celebrate birthdays

Music, singing and

Annual events


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