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Early Education Daycare & Preschool

Rayito de Sol’s Spanish Immersion Daycare & Preschool Program in Richfield, Minnesota is designed to balance social, physical, cognitive, and language development in our students.

During their first year, babies begin to develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Take advantage of this precious time to have your children grow up knowing a second language!

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Early Education Daycare Academy

Rayito de Sol’s Spanish Immersion Daycare Program is designed to balance social, physical, cognitive, and language development in our students.

During their first year, babies begin to develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Infant Program

6 weeks to 16 months

In our daycare program for infants all teachers at Rayito de Sol are native Spanish-speaking teachers. Our teachers are dedicated to the development of trust, security, and emotional growth. The infant daycare program further more is designed to be small group class sizes to help teachers meet the needs of your child. Lastly, Rayito de Sol offers a flexible daily schedule developed by parents and teachers to meet in the individual needs of your child.

Toddler Program

16 months to 33 months

Our Toddler Spanish Immersion Program utilizes creative learning areas and an environment-based curriculum we developed to meet the needs of toddlers. We give special consideration to our classroom arrangement for 16-month-olds to 2-year-olds and select appropriate toys and equipment that encourages learning at each stage of early development for toddlers.

Preschool Program

3 to 5 years old

Our Preschool Spanish Immersion Program is designed for children who do not understand or speak Spanish to learn Spanish through a typical preschool curriculum. Children learn an appropriate, functional use of the Spanish language in this early education program.

Kindergarten Prep Program

48 months+

Our Kindergarten Prep Spanish Immersion Program is designed to develop skills in core academic areas, such as reading, writing, math, and science in a Spanish immersion environment. Combining the essentials of early education with a focus on language, art, and social skill development, we prioritize cultivating high self-esteem, acceptance of Spanish culture and other cultures, relationship-building, and broader vision learning.

Spanish Immersion Daycare FAQs

A Spanish immersion school conducts classes and activities in Spanish. Immersion is a hands-on approach that helps students grasp and learn a language more quickly. For example, our teachers may use visual aids or teach a song in Spanish to make learning more fun and comfortable.

If your child is enrolled in a Spanish immersion language program, they’ll be interacting with teachers and classmates in Spanish. In turn, this can help them adapt to the new language better and learn more quickly.

Being a part of an immersion program also lets your child foster appreciation for a different culture. But most importantly, Spanish immersion programs can help give your child an edge when they enter grade school.

Your child can start Spanish immersion before they reach age twelve. Immersion schools are a great option if you want your little one to learn Spanish early. Enroll at a Rayito school near you — our Spanish immersion daycare center in Richfield, MN welcomes students from 6 weeks old to five years old.

Our Spanish immersion school in Richfield, MN offers total immersion programs. Total immersion means that we teach in Spanish. Using a single language during class can help your child adapt more quickly and grasp the new language better.

Language immersion programs promote bilingualism and biliteracy. This means they don’t encourage using target languages over your child’s native language.

So by enrolling in Spanish immersion, or any other language immersion program, your child can learn and grasp Spanish while staying fluent in their first language.

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After we’ve received your application, we’ll get in touch with you. If you call us, we can also offer you an enrollment slot. Once you take the spot, we’ll send over the papers you’ll need for enrollment.

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