10 Qualities of a Good Preschool Teacher to Look for

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When searching for the right preschool for your children, it’s also important to find the best preschool teacher. With an excellent instructor guiding them, your child will develop the necessary life skills and attitude to succeed in life. 

So, before you decide which school to send them to, it’s best to ask yourself, “What are the qualities of a good preschool teacher?” Find the answer as we walk you through the characteristics an outstanding teacher should have in this article.

Qualities of a Good Preschool Teacher

Besides a reputable educational background and plenty of experience, here are ten characteristics of a good preschool teacher to look for when shopping around for schools. 

Passionate and Dedicated

The best preschool teacher, first and foremost, is passionate about teaching kids. If a teacher loves what they do, it reflects on their approach to teaching. Their passion is also evident in their body language and how they talk to their students. For this reason, a dedicated teacher can serve as a great inspiration and role model for your child.


Teachers must have the stamina to handle a class of preschool children. Kids can be rambunctious in the classroom, especially during breaks, so enthusiasm is necessary to reign kids in and match their excitable energy. Thus, plenty of energy is one of the qualities of good preschool teachers that helps keep kids engaged throughout the day.

Attentive to Child’s Needs

An excellent preschool teacher pays close attention to the learning needs of their students. After all, no one child is the same, and each of them has different learning styles. This keen attention to detail helps teachers develop age-appropriate strategies to help kids stay on track with their learning goals and milestones.

Adaptable to Any Situation

Adaptability is another desirable quality in good preschool teachers. Kids can be unpredictable, so teachers need to be able to think on the fly and adjust their approach to accommodate the child’s needs. Flexibility enables the best preschool teacher to support your child as they explore their interests and environment.

Kind and Considerate

Part of a great learning experience comes from a warm and supportive mentor. When your child feels supported and listened to, they’ll become more willing to explore the world around them. A considerate teacher will help your child feel safe and appreciated, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

Patient and Understanding

Kids develop at their own pace and possess unique personality traits. Some kids may lag in their studies and have difficulty getting along with others. Given this, a healthy amount of patience can go a long way for kids struggling to cope with change or keep up with their peers. 

Empathetic to the Child’s Feelings

Strong emotions can overwhelm kids, especially if they’re experiencing these intense feelings for the first time. But when handled with care and understanding, your child won’t feel alone as they make sense of their emotions. 

The best preschool teacher creates a safe space where your child can freely express themselves without judgment. This environment gives them ample space to process their feelings and find ways to handle them better in the future.

Organized in Class

Maintaining order in an energetic class is made possible thanks to the efforts of an organized teacher. Using their abilities to keep a sense of calm, they can get the class to stick to a daily routine. When kids carry through with a familiar rhythm, it can bring them comfort and ease their worries. 

Crafty and Creative

Creativity is another one of the essential qualities of a good kindergarten teacher. Being creative allows them to design fun and engaging activities that suit your child’s age, needs, and learning abilities. And if they teach lessons in a lively manner, your child will surely enjoy their classes and effectively retain information. 

Commitment to Continuous Learning

Lastly, a good preschool educator is always eager to improve their skills and seek innovative means of making their classes engaging and impactful for students. This kind of teacher sets your child up for success inside and outside the class.

Don’t be afraid to ask the preschool coordinator for their teachers’ certifications and accomplishments during your search.

Improve Your Child’s Learning Experience with the Best Preschool Teacher

An incredible learning journey begins with the right preschool teacher. By knowing the qualities of a good preschool teacher, you can choose the best preschool to encourage your child to become the best version of themselves.

Here at Rayito de Sol, we offer NAEYC-accredited preschool programs led by highly-qualified Spanish-speaking teaching staff. With our small class setup, our teachers can dedicate more time to accommodate your child’s learning needs and employ a teaching method that works for them. This way, your child can enjoy a safe, supportive, and immersive preschool experience.

Visit our website to explore what program suits your child. You can also learn more tips on selecting the right preschool in the Rayito de Sol blog.

October 20, 2022