15 Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

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mother and daughter using educational apps for preschoolers

Building basic skills is crucial at this stage of your kid’s development. But let’s face it: sometimes, reading and writing can become boring over time.

Fortunately, you can use the power of technology to find good learning apps for toddlers. In this article, you’ll find our selection of the best educational apps your kids will love.

  1. Khan Academy Kids

  2. Khan Academy Kids is a one-stop shop for all the learning tools your toddlers need—from language, math, logic, arts, and socio-emotional skills. All materials follow the Common Core State Standards and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes.

    Find a variety of educational activities for your young ones, including multiple choice quizzes, logic games, read-aloud storytelling, and free drawing spaces.

  3. Play PBS Kids

  4. Play PBS Kids features a safe, kid-friendly interface with lots of fun educational games for your little ones. It teaches your kids about letters and shapes. It’s also a great way to introduce them to basic STEAM skills and concepts. 

    Browse through its wide range of activities on the go, including mazes, math puzzles, art games, and so much more!

  5. Baby Games

  6. Parents know their children best, and Baby Games is proof of that. This app, created by parents, is sure to keep your kid entertained for hours. It features five different activities with a simple interface and an array of colorful illustrations.

    They can tap their little fingers to pop some balloons or sing along with nursery rhymes like the ABC song, Humpy Dumpy or Rain Rain Go Away.

  7. Busy Shapes

  8. Make your kid’s first interaction with technology count with Busy Shapes. No instructions are needed because the app has a simple and intuitive design.

    Kids will learn to match and relate objects with one another by selecting the right hole for a given shape. The challenge levels up over time, with multiple objects and different-shaped holes. Overall, it serves as good practice for their reasoning and fine motor skills.

  9. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

  10. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox takes your kids on an exciting learning journey with Milo, the adorable monkey. 

    This app helps build toddler-friendly skills through a series of fun games. Your kids will discover how to count from one to ten and identify the shapes and colors of various objects. For every milestone, they will receive a complimentary progress sticker.

  11. Starfall ABCs

  12. Start learning the alphabet with Starfall ABCs. This app lets kids see how letters are written and hear how they sound. By using their senses, your kids will easily remember the letters. It also offers exciting mini-games that introduce them to new words and sentences.

    This app equips your child with language development skills to become better readers in the future.

  13. Homer Reading: Learn to Read

  14. Homer Reading offers a research-based learn-to-read program that follows the Common Core State Standards. It is tailored based on the interests of every child—from animals to folk tales, from music to poetry, and many more. 

    The app boasts different literacy activities that kids can select. Learn to write with traceable letters. Work on their reading and speaking skills using the app’s built-in voice recorder. These features are accessible with a free trial and a subscription later on.

  15. Moose Math

  16. Math can be scary to some, but it doesn’t have to be! Enter Moose Math, a Common Core-approved interactive game that introduces your kids to basic mathematical concepts.

    This app features five different games that teach your kids to count, add, and subtract numbers. Help moose and his friends look for hidden animals and prepare “moose juice” smoothies. Exciting rewards await for every task your kid finishes!

  17. Elmo Loves 123

  18. Join Elmo and Abby in exploring the world of numbers with Elmo Loves 123! Solve puzzles, play counting games, and clap along to songs about numbers. And the best part? Your preschoolers can unlock surprises when they finish tracing a number.  

    With this Sesame Street app, your kids will be able to read and write numbers from one to 20 in no time!

  19. Peek-a-Zoo

  20. Embark on a digital safari with Peek-a-Zoo! This app includes interactive games that let kids spot animals, actions, sounds, emotions, and more.

    Get a chance to play with animals who dance, sleep, wag their tails, and move funnily. Or perhaps, your kid would rather listen to the roars of tigers or the chirps of the birds. They can also take social and emotional cues from nature’s most adorable creatures.

  21. Toca Nature

  22. Toca Nature lets your kids build their dream landscape, similar to Minecraft. Your kids can drag and drop lakes, mountains, trees, animals, and other natural elements in their sanctuary. Couple that with soothing background music, and you’ll have a relaxing game that inspires creativity.

    This paid game enhances their hand-eye coordination skills and introduces them to the workings of nature.

  23. LEGO Duplo Train

  24. Does your kid like LEGOs? What about trains? If they say yes to both, then they’d enjoy this LEGO Duplo Train app!

    This app lets your kid build and maneuver trains easily with easy-to-follow instructions. All it takes is a simple tap on the color-changing buttons to honk the horns, switch on the headlights, and move the train. What’s more, your kid can unlock hidden events when they complete a task.

  25. Children’s Doctor: Dentist

  26. Make your child’s dream of becoming a dentist come true with the Children’s Doctor app. Here, your kid will act as a dentist for a variety of cute animals. They will help these animals clean their dirty teeth. They will also remove and fill cavities from their teeth.

    This game will exercise their hands and sharpen their eyes as they perform dental operations. It will also show the value of taking care of your teeth.

  27. Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night

  28. This paid app is a great way to illustrate morning and evening routines to your kids. Join Daniel the Tiger as he goes along with his day-to-day activities through a series of eight games.

    In the morning, help Daniel get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to school. Then before bedtime, teach him how to take a bath. Along the way, inject fun into mundane tasks by singing along to cheerful tunes.

  29. Breathe, Think, Do

  30. Teach calming techniques at an early age with the “Breathe, Think, Do” app. This app lets your kids interact with playfully animated Sesame Street characters as they deal with challenges.

    Help a Sesame Street friend keep their cool and figure out how to solve problems. They will learn to take deep breaths, create a strategy, and try out new things. Along the way, they will also hear encouraging phrases while taking on difficult situations.

Encourage Early Learning with Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Technology, when used right, is a great tool for teaching media literacy to your kids. It all starts with close parental guidance and good preschool learning apps

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January 7, 2022