15 Spring Crafts & Activities for Toddlers


The warm air and flowers in full bloom mean that spring is just around the corner! This season is the perfect time to try out different activities with your child. With these adorable crafts and fun spring activities for toddlers, you’ll surely never run out of ideas and things to do with your kids.

Whether you’re looking for edible art recipes or sensory play hobbies during this delightful time of the year, here are 15 springtime activities for toddlers that they can enjoy.

1. Egg Carton Flowers 

Let your kids enrich their imagination through this colorful art activity. Start by cutting out four sections of an egg carton into a square. Trim these cutouts until the edges are rounded and look like petals. 

Now add some acrylic paint and let your kids color the egg carton. Then, you can use colorful straws and attach them to the painted cutouts to look like cute stems!

2. Toddler Kite

If you want something more engaging for your kids, you can try making this easy-to-make toddler kite with them. To get started, make a diamond shape out of construction paper. Then, glue two bamboo sticks at the back of the diamond and attach them crosswise.

To make a tail for your kite, cut long strands out of streamers or crepe paper and attach them with a stapler. Once done, let your kids do all the decorating using flower foam stickers, pens, and more!

3. Edible Rainbow

Give your kids a sweet and colorful eating experience by creating edible rainbows! Start by drawing a rainbow pattern using gel icing. Then, ask your kids to stick the colorful cereals on the icing pattern. Finally, put mini marshmallows as clouds and metallic cupcake paper with candies at the end of the rainbow.

4. Oil Pastel Butterfly

Inspire your kids to create their own masterpiece with this oil pastel butterfly art. For starters, you can either draw the outline of the butterfly or let your kid make it from scratch. Next, use colorful oil pastels and color the butterfly together. The beauty of oil pastels is that you can then let your kid blend the colors together with their fingers. Once done, cut out the finished product and glue it on colored paper with some glitter.

5. Flower Garden Painting

For this next spring activity for toddlers, you will need a large piece of paper, plastic forks, and washable paints. For tulips, let your kid Dip the head of the fork in paint and press it down on the paper. Then, ask your kid to start making stems using a brush. 

To create daffodils, use a bunch of cylindrical corks and hold them together with an elastic band. Dip them on some paint so your kid can stamp them down onto the paper. Rinse and repeat and your kid will have a colorful garden in no time!

6. Spring Bug Sensory Bin

Stimulate your child’s senses with this engaging sensory play activity. Begin by cutting out grass shapes from a cardboard box. Then, let your kid paint both sides of the cardboard grass. 

To make a cloud dough dirt, mix together flour, cocoa powder, and vegetable oil in a bowl. Put all these elements in your sensory bin. Now add an assortment of toy bugs, insects, flowers, and other objects inside your bin for a fun sensory activity!

7. Cupcake Paper Flowers

This next imaginative activity lets your kids showcase their artistic side. To make cupcake paper flowers, you need some colorful cupcake liners. Your child can either put beads, buttons, or pompoms at the center of the cupcake liners. Then, stick a paper straw at the back for the stem and see their colorful creations come to life.

8. Paper Plate Bird and Nest Craft

Encourage your kid to draw inspiration from the outdoors with this bird and nest craft. You’ll need paper plates with shredded and folded paper strips to make it look like a nest. Use a pompom for the bird’s head and glue a pair of googly eyes on it. Then, cut tiny pieces of pipe cleaner and open the ends to make it look like a beak. Finally, stick these on the paper plate and put some worm toys next to the little birds as if they just hatched!

9. Homemade Cardboard Bird Feeder

If you want your kids to be more in tune with nature, you can make a homemade cardboard birdhouse and feeder for your backyard. Grab a few leftover cardboard and cut them out to make the walls, roof, and ceiling of your birdhouse. Cut holes and insert a few popsicle branches for the birds to perch on. Once done, you can let your kids paint and decorate the birdhouse!

10. Potato Masher Ladybug

When spring begins, cute little bugs come crawling in. For your kid’s next art craft, prepare some red and black washable paints, green and black colored papers, corks, glue, and scissors.

Get started by cutting six legs of the ladybug from your black paper. 

Now, using your potato masher as a stamp, dip it in red paint and imprint it on white paper to create the cute ladybugs. Then, add googly eyes on top of each ladybug. Don’t forget to dip the cork in black paint and dab it to make some spots. Lastly, draw antennas using a marker or sharpie.

11. Q-Tip Painted Tulips

This next activity is fun and easy to do. All you need are Q-tips or cotton swabs, paint, and a few colored paper. Start by cutting out the tulip head on white paper. Then, glue it on the blue paper. Cut some leaves out of other colored paper, and let your kid paint the tulips and the rest of the flowers with the Q-tips!

12. Washi Tape Butterfly

Kids love decorating their artwork with butterflies, so let them do so with this fun activity using some cute washi tape. First, let your kid stick different washi tape strips on a piece of cardstock. Next, fold it in half to make little heart-shaped wings. Glue the popsicle stick to the center, and make antennas. Put googly eyes and draw a small mouth using a red marker. Now your kids can play with these unique butterflies around the house!

13. Yarn-Wrapped Caterpillar 

You can bring the wonders of nature indoors and engage the motor skills of your kid with this fun craft activity. You can start by letting your kid sketch out some caterpillar patterns and cutting them out to size. Curve the ends of the cutouts using tape and let your kid wrap them with colorful yarn. This activity will help your child be more nimble with their hands and identify what insects are in a fun way!

14. Rubber Ducks Water Play

For this sensory play, you’ll need rubber ducks, a water bin, sponges, and soapy water. Before you start, engage your kid in a storytelling session by reading the 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Erick Carle. Afterward, invite your child to play with the rubber ducks in the sensory table filled with water and sponges. Let them reenact the story with the toys as you go along!

15. Garden Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles are relaxing spring-themed activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. You can start by getting an empty plastic bottle and filling its bottom with aquarium rocks. Next, add some water and green glitter. You can then let your kids stick some flower cutouts from foam or paper around the container. Now your kids can look at the sensory bottle to calm themselves whenever they’re feeling curious or anxious.

Welcome the Season With Spring Activities for Toddlers

Make springtime fun and exciting for you and your kids with these enjoyable activities! Now you can make sure your children won’t get bored indoors and instead make them love spring. Find more seasonal crafts and spring art activities for toddlers in the Rayito de Sol blog.

May 20, 2022