Back To Preschool At Rayito de Sol

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heading back to preschool at rayito

It is that time of year again, Back To School is here! The staff at Rayito de Sol goes to every length possible to create a warm and welcoming environment for our children returning from summer break, and our new incoming children who have not yet had the services of Rayito de Sol. Get your child prepared to adapt to back to school changes by considering the following tips from Parents Magazine.

1. Let your child know what their schedule will be like. Tell them what time school begins and ends each day.

2. Ask your child about their feelings – both the excitement and the concerns – about starting school.

3. Visit the school with your child to see their new classroom and meet their new teacher before school officially starts.

4. Point out the positive aspects of starting school. It will be fun and they can make new friends.

5. Let your child know that all kids are nervous about the first day of school.

6. Leave a note in your child’s lunchbox that will remind them you’re thinking of them while they are at school.

7. Reassure your child that if any problems arise at school, you will be there to help resolve them.

8. Try to have your child meet a classmate before the first day of school so they will already have a friend when school starts.

9. Arrange for your child to walk to school or ride together on the bus with another kid in the neighborhood.

10. Find out about after-school activities that your child can join.

September 4, 2018