Fun Things to Do on Thanksgiving With Your Family

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The Halloween season has reached its dead end—but don’t worry, because the countdown for Thanksgiving has just kicked off! Delicious family-style dinners, street parades, and turkey-themed items await as the holiday draws nearer.

But before you get stuffed with turkeys and pies, you’ll most likely have lots of idle time in between. Why not spend it on a series of exciting activities with your family?

In this blog, we have listed 12 fun things to do on Thanksgiving. This list includes both indoor and outdoor fall activities that your family will surely enjoy.

Hold a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt 

Set a timer and challenge everyone to find as many items as they can. The team that finds the greatest number of items will receive a prize such as an extra treat during dinner.

Set Up a Thanksgiving-themed Movie Marathon

After stuffing yourselves with good food, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy one or two TV shows in the living room. Instead of the usual football reruns, why not switch things up with Thanksgiving movies?

Various TV channels and streaming sites offer a great catalog of family-friendly Thanksgiving movies and TV series for your family. If you can’t decide, you can never go wrong with Turkey Day classics such as Planes, Trains and Automobiles or A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Arrange a Video Call With Your Relatives

Thanksgiving often brings families together, but it might still be tricky this year due to pandemic restrictions, especially for relatives in different states. Luckily, there are ways to stay connected with your loved ones, even if they live miles away from you.

Invite your faraway relatives in an online Thanksgiving reunion via Zoom or Skype. To spice things up, encourage them to change their video backgrounds into a fun turkey-themed one. They can also wear turkey-themed items like ugly sweaters and headbands.

Create a Family Tree

As mentioned earlier, Thanksgiving is largely a family affair. And what better way to let your kids learn about their roots than with a family tree? 

Gather everyone in the living room and trace your lineage together. Start with a hand-drawn or printed tree base. Then, use your fingertips to paint the leaves with the colors of Thanksgiving. 

After this, write down the names of the family members. You can start at the bottom with your family or work your way down beginning with the grandparents.

Start a Thankfulness Jar

Thanksgiving is not just a season for turkeys and pies. It’s also a time to appreciate the blessings we receive. Commemorate the things you’re grateful for with a thankfulness jar.

It’s fairly simple to make: grab an empty mason jar and fill it up with notes of gratitude. Let your kids design the jar with Thanksgiving-themed pieces. Next, cut some strips of paper and ask everyone to write down the things they’re grateful for. Keep the jar safe and open them on the next Thanksgiving.

Enjoy a Round of Thanksgiving Charades

Add a turkey-licious twist to the classic charades game this coming Thanksgiving. Enjoy a game night filled with laughter as you act out Thanksgiving buzzwords with flailing arms and wild gestures while the rest of the family attempt to guess the answer. You can look for Thanksgiving-themed prompts online or make your own version if you want.

Quiz Yourselves on Thanksgiving Trivia

How well do you know the history of Thanksgiving? Put your knowledge skills to the test with a family Thanksgiving trivia game. Similar to a game show, the whole family will compete against each other and answer questions related to our beloved turkey holiday. This game makes a fun family bonding exercise with a history lesson to boot.

Run in a Turkey Trot

No Thanksgiving celebration is complete without a turkey trot in the morning. It’s the perfect chance to burn off some calories right in time for the family dinner. Find a turkey trot near you by asking around the neighborhood or searching for events online.

Can’t find one? Try organizing your own! Set up two different races in your backyard—one for kids and another for adults. The first turkey to reach the finish line wins a bigger serving at dinner.

Play Touch Football

Football is another holiday classic at every Thanksgiving celebration. Watching football on TV sounds nice, but you know what’s better? Playing the game yourself.

Create a makeshift field in your backyard and hold a friendly match with kids and grownups. It’s a great way to savor the fresh fall air and to free up space for food in your stomach. It’s best to play this before dinner time; otherwise, you might end up getting queasy from a full stomach.

Hold a Turkey Sack Race

Got a sack to spare? Don’t throw them out just yet! You can use them for an exciting round of turkey sack races.

Get everyone’s legs kicking—or rather, jumping—as they hop their way towards the finish line while wearing a sack. Kids and grownups alike will surely enjoy a rush of energy and laughter as they trip and scramble their way to victory. 

Go on a Fall Hike or Stroll

If you prefer a relaxing activity after a hearty meal, consider taking a casual walk around the neighborhood or a trek at a nearby mountain. Walking helps you digest food easily and serves as a great exercise option. Along the way, you can pause and admire the beauty of nature during fall.

Give Back to the Community

Spread the spirit of Thanksgiving by sharing your blessings with those in need. After all, the best way to show how thankful you are is through paying it forward.

For example, your family can volunteer at a soup kitchen and serve warm meals on a cold Thanksgiving. But if there’s none near you, consider donating non-perishable food items to a local food bank.

Savor the Season of Gratitude with Fun Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to appreciate the blessings we receive, most especially our family. Bring your family closer together with Thanksgiving family games and activities.

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November 17, 2021