Introducing Musical Instruments to Young Children

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benefits of children learning musical instruments

If your child can bang on a pot with a wooden spoon, they are a musician. There are several benefits to letting your child drum (rattle, shake, clap, or bang) to their own beat. Firstly, music helps the body and mind work together. Secondly, music stimulates thinking and expressive skills and enhances creativity. Lastly, music also encourages socialization and builds self-esteem when your child hears what they can do.

Kids Develop Fine Motor Skills Through Musical Instruments

Playing music is one of Rayito children’s favorite activities—and one of the most natural things the child can do. Making sounds with easy-to-grasp instruments gives the child an “I can do this” sense of accomplishment. While shaking a bell, their curiosity is instantly gratified and they are inspired to make things happen, again and again, encouraging independence and perseverance, two important developmental skills.

Beyond the musical benefits, playing instruments gives our children the opportunity to use their fine motor skills.

Grasping instruments between the thumb and index finger or with a fisted grasp pattern encourages the development of these important skills. These skills are important and will eventually be necessary to turn a page in a favorite book, pinch cereal or peas, grasp a cup, and even hold a crayon.

We use recycled materials to create instruments, a fun activity that will help our children appreciate music. We make musical instruments like shakers, small guitars, and drums at Rayito for children to use. This will teach our children music appreciation as well as the importance of recycling.

May 21, 2020