Make Room for Fun: 10 Ways to Make Cleaning Kid-Friendly

father and son fun cleaning the floor

Cleaning is an essential life skill for adults, but to most children, it sounds like a hefty chore. Toddlers would rather play with toys than pick up a broom and sweep the floors.

Luckily, there are many ways to turn chores into an exciting experience for your little ones. It’s also beneficial to start them young, according to a University of Minnesota study, as it sets your kids up for “a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility, and self-reliance.”

Enjoy fun and fuss-free cleaning sessions with your kids using these tips and tricks.

How to Make Cleaning Fun in 10 Ways

Keep chores short and simple.

The best way to introduce chores to kids is to start small. Don’t give them a long list right off the bat — pick a simple task and ask your child to finish it first before moving to the next. Make sure to assign age-appropriate tasks and be specific with your instructions, so your child can follow them easily. For example, instead of saying, “clean the floor,” you can ask them to put their toys in the box.

Let them choose their chores.

Part of teaching how to make cleaning fun for kids includes allowing them to decide on the tasks they want to do. For example, you can prompt them with a question like, “Would you rather pick up the dolls or the blocks?”

As they pick up new cleaning skills, you can let them choose the tasks they like doing. For example, they might prefer watering plants over setting the table. This practice motivates them to do their chores better than just imposing the tasks on them.

Equip them with kid-friendly tools.

Are you wondering how to make chores fun? Consider investing in kid-sized cleaning tools. Cleaning becomes a more appealing activity to your kids when they have shiny new gears on their hands, especially when they are made for them!

It also helps to explore the tools section with your kid, so they can choose what they like. Some tools you can shop for include brooms, mops, gloves, rags, buckets, and spray bottles.

Make a checklist of chores.

Some kids find comfort in routine, and checklists are a fun way to clean your room systematically. You can use this to your advantage by setting up a schedule or routine chores ahead of time.

Begin by writing down a list of tasks for your child to complete. You can also try placing pictures if your kid is a visual learner. Once done, hand over the checklist to your kid and let them work on it throughout the day.

Turn cleaning into mini-games.

Kids love to play, and what better way to make cleaning fun than to have some games on the side? For example, you can hold a color game in the playroom. Ask your child to pick up the things with the color blue. Then, follow it up with items that are color green. This practice lets them learn colors while making the cleaning process enjoyable.

Speed cleaning races are another great way to make chores exciting for kids. Set a timer and let your child race to put things away. If your child has a competitive spirit, this activity will surely fire them up to clean their room.

Reward them for their hard work.

Aside from games, kids also thrive when given treats. When used right, it can encourage them to do their chores.

For example, you can cook their favorite food or give them an extra 30 minutes of their favorite activity. 

Note that you should always be mindful when handing out these treats to your kids. Make sure to emphasize the importance of hard work in the process so your kid won’t get carried away by the reward alone.

Dress for the occasion.

Pretend play presents a fun way to clean your room. After all, most kids love to dress up using their favorite characters, whether it’s Cinderella or Superman.

Bring out the costumes and pretend you’re a character. For an exciting twist, your child can also act as a superhero who saves the city by cleaning things up in the room. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they complete their assigned chores with you.

Play some music.

Doing chores can sometimes become too quiet for a child’s liking. Raise up the energy while cleaning your room using fun, upbeat songs.

Ask your child what songs they’d like to listen to before starting their chores. Then, set up a special playlist on your preferred music platform and let the party begin! 

Incorporate clean-up in playtime.

Parents looking for how to make chores fun should consider having a clean-up time after play. About 30 minutes before playtime ends, you can ask your child to start tidying up their stuff. If they have a friend along, they can do this task together.

This practice teaches your child to clean up the mess they make. The task also becomes more enjoyable if their friends help them. 

Appreciate their efforts.

Lastly, don’t forget to thank your child for their hard work completing their chores. This simple act fosters a supportive environment that encourages them to do their tasks next time.

You can also instill this good habit by letting your child practice chores until they can do them on their own. Try giving them helpful hints along the way, and see how far they can go. Consistently doing this practice sets them up for success later in life.

Make House Cleaning Fun Today

Ultimately, the answer to how to make cleaning fun for your children lies in actively engaging your kids in the task. Tidying up their space doesn’t have to be hard. Simply combine the tips above to tickle your child’s interest and motivate them to clean. With more practice, they will get used to the chores and even pick things up without you asking for it!

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November 9, 2023