The link between Bilingualism and Emotional Intelligence

Bilingual Early Education

This week at Rayito, we are focusing on the importance of emotions, moods, and expressions. Not just expressions of feelings, but being able to effectively express yourself to other people in a healthy way.

As children grow and develop their language skills, they become able to express themselves – yet dealing with new feelings can be scary and overwhelming. This is where we meet the almighty tantrum.

The Almighty Tantrum

Meltdowns are terrible. We know this in even in our adulthood.

At Rayito, teaching emotional intelligence is a fundamental part of our curriculum: 

  • Exploring language from infancy can encourage children to communicate throughout their lives.
  • As children learn new words in two languages, they find deeper meaning in both.
  • When children explore language, they explore ways to express themselves.

For more tips on surviving tantrums, check out these from

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October 30, 2019