Winter Craft Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy Indoors

two children making winter craft ideas for kids

After a series of fall festivities, winter is finally here! It’s the perfect time for some outdoor fun like making snow angels and playing snowball toss. But sometimes, it may not be safe to let your kids go out, like when it’s too cold or there’s a blizzard. 

Having to stay indoors can be a downer, especially for toddlers, but the right activities can keep them entertained. Luckily, winter is filled with inspiration for adorable arts and crafts.

From snowflakes to pine trees and penguins, here are 20 fun winter arts and crafts for toddlers.

  1. Winter Sensory Bag

  2. Create a mess-free sensory play activity with this winter sensory bag. To do this, fill a Ziploc bag with clear hair gel, glitter, cellophane, marshmallow, and other winter-themed trinkets, and you’re good to go! Your kids can poke, squish, and squeeze the bag as they like.

  3. Polar Bear Mask

  4. Have your kids create their polar bear masks with this fun and easy craft idea! Ask them to draw the polar bear using a black marker and fill the plate with tissue paper. Then, finish it off with a black pompom and a plastic cup as the nose. Once it’s complete, your kids can play with their new masks!

  5. Melting Ice Experiment

  6. Tickle your kid’s curious minds with this melting ice experiment! Start by preparing a container filled with ice. Then, ask your kids to pour salt and food coloring over the iced surface. Watch them as they awe at the sight of ice slowly dripping with stunning colors!

  7. Winter Collage

  8. Let your kids create their artistic masterpiece with this winter collage craft! First, they need to draw a tree frame using a black marker. Then, have them paint the tree using red and white paint! Get their hands moving as they fill the surface with snow and cardinals. 

  9. Mosaic Igloo

  10. Bring the classic winter dwelling inside your home with this mosaic igloo craft! First, draw the shape of an igloo on construction paper. Then, let them fill the mosaic with blank label stickers or paper cutouts. In a few hours, they’ll have their mini-snow hut made of “ice” bricks!

  11. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

  12. Begin by gluing three sticks to form the shape of a snowflake. Paint the snowflake stick with white, and sprinkle some glitter on the surface. Finally, let your kids design their snowflakes—from buttons, sequins, and other embellishments.

  13. Handprint Penguins

  14. To do this, trace your kid’s hand on foam paper to make the penguin feet. Then, on another foam paper, cut out the shape of your penguin. Stick the penguin’s parts together, and finish them with your favorite decorations—googly eyes, scrapbook paper, and more!

  15. Cotton Ball Snowflakes

  16. In blue construction paper, brush some glue in the shape of a snowflake. Then, have the kids stick cotton balls along the snowflake outline to make their artwork. This craft is a great exercise of their hand movements.

  17. Crafty Ice Ornaments

  18. This crafty ice ornament is not only a cute winter décor but also a great lesson on freezing points. Have your kids design a paper plate the way they like using winter ornaments such as berries, twigs, leaves, and shells. When it’s safe to go outside, hang them on a tree or near your doorstep with twine and let them freeze into something icily pretty!

  19. Frosted Winter Pinecone

  20. Turn the pinecones from fall into a charming winter décor! Hand your kids some tempera paint and let them brush the pine cone seeds. Once the paint dries, they can add glitter and their favorite ornaments. Finally, loop a string on top to make a dazzling addition to your holiday tree!

  21. Paper Plate Snowman

  22. Do you want to build a snowman? Luckily, you can make one in the comforts of your home!

    First, gather three plates to make the head and body. Sprinkle one paper plate with sugar or white glitter to mimic the texture of snow. Then, start making the face! You can use buttons for the eyes, draw the nose with orange paint, and finish it off with a big smile.

  23. Pompom Hot Cocoa Mug

  24. Begin by cutting a mug shape from red and green papers. Then, fill their cutout mug with paper cocoa—that is, an oval-shaped cutout using light brown construction paper. Top it off with cute little pompoms in place of marshmallows, and their makeshift hot cocoa is ready to serve!

  25. Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

  26. Collect unused toilet paper rolls and make this lovely paper roll snowman craft! Have the kids paint the rolls white for the body of your snowman. Next, attach piper cleaners and pompoms to make a little earmuff. Complete the look by drawing the face and buttons using a black marker.

  27. Winter Hats

  28. Inject the winter spirit into your home with this adorable winter hat craft! Start by printing out a hat template or drawing your own. Then, cut them into a hat shape, and let the decorating begin! They can color their hats using crayons and fill them with tissue paper. Finally, top it off with a fluffy cotton ball or circle paper.

  29. Jingle Bell Painting

  30. This Jingle Bell painting offers a mess-free way for kids to make their masterpiece. All you need to do is place paper, a few dabs of paint, and a bell inside a rectangular container and leave the rest to your kids! Let them shake and roll the container to their liking. Allow the paint to dry, and then decorate it as you like.

  31. Colored Glass Project

  32. Don’t let the name fool you—this project doesn’t need any actual glass! It’s simple to create: add food coloring to the balloons and fill them with water. When it’s less cold outside, you can display them in your yard for stunning outdoor decor!

  33. Handprint Polar Bear

  34. Bring this Arctic animal into your home with his cute handprint polar bear craft! Begin by drawing your kid’s hand on blue cardstock. Then, have the kids paint the polar bear using a paintbrush or their fingers. Lastly, dab black paint on the polar bear to make its eyes and nose.

  35. Puzzle Piece Snowflakes

  36. Use the remaining pieces of your old puzzles for this exciting craft! First, you need to paint the puzzle pieces white. Then, layer and glue them until they resemble the shape of a snowflake. When it’s done, you can tie a ribbon and hang it inside your home.

  37. Cute Winter Animals Envelope

  38. Make holiday letters more fun with a cute winter animal envelope! Fold and assemble a sheet of white paper to make an envelope, and leave the decorating to your kids. They can choose from adorable winter animals like penguins, owls, and polar bears. 

  39. Sparkly Icicles

  40. Create something frosty for your home with this sparkly icicle craft! You need to first form the shape of an icicle by wrapping aluminum foil on a silver cord. Then, coat the foil with glue and pepper the body with blue glitter. Hang it on your porch for a shining, shimmering entrance!

Create a Frosty Wonderland with Winter Crafts for Toddlers

Harsh snowfall may keep your kids cooped up inside the house, but the fun shouldn’t end there. Make things more delightful with our list of easy winter crafts for kids.

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January 7, 2022