11 Fun & Festive Cinco de Mayo Activities for Kids


Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner! After learning about the important facts about this Mexican holiday, it’s time to do something more festive to celebrate.

This article rounds up 11 fun Cinco de Mayo activities to get your kids pumped for the season.

11 Cinco de Mayo Activities for Kids

Paper Plate Piñata Craft

This DIY piñata craft makes a fun activity for your kids. Start by placing two paper plates on top of each other and stapling one end. Decorate the body using fringed tissue papers, fill them with candy, and seal the other end. Top it off with a string to hang, and let the games begin!

Mexican Paper Flowers

Bring color to your home using Mexican paper flowers. This craft is simple to make: stack 5-8 colored tissue papers evenly and fold them like an accordion. Then, after stapling the middle part, gently unwrap the layers of tissue paper until it takes a flower shape.

DIY Puebla Floats

The people of Puebla, the birthplace of Cinco de Mayo, commemorate this momentous event with gigantic floats. You can also recreate their iconic floats at home using recycled materials. Assemble empty cereal boxes into a mini-float and let your kids decorate the body as they like. Once they’re done, you can hold your own float parade at home!

DIY Egg Maracas

Start a mariachi band at home using homemade instruments! Begin by filling plastic Easter eggs with beans, rice, or uncooked popcorn. Then, seal two plastic spoons on each side of the egg and their ends. Spice it up with colored markers, and you’re ready to shake it away!

DIY Mariachi Guitars

Your list of fun kiddy activities for Cinco de Mayo isn’t complete without this mariachi guitar craft. Grab a shoebox and have your kids decorate them using crayons or markers. Then, create the guitar strings using rubber bands around the box. Once done, let your child perform as they like.


Cascarones are typically used during Easter in Mexico, but you can also use them for Cinco de Mayo. Begin by emptying raw eggs and poking a hole at the bottom. After cleaning the insides, paint the eggshells and fill them with confetti. Seal the holes with tissue paper, and you’re done!

Papel Picado

Papel Picado, a traditional Mexican art form, also makes our list of Cinco de Mayo art activities for preschoolers. All you need to do is fold tissue paper and cut out different shapes around it. Once you open it, you’ll find beautiful patterns of your cutout shapes. 

Paper Bag Piñata

Turn your leftover paper bags into festive piñatas for Cinco de Mayo. Fill the paper bag with treats, seal the top, and decorate it with streamers and fringes made from tissue paper. Attach a string on top, and your kid-friendly piñata is complete!

Mexican Dances

Performing traditional Mexican dances is among the fun activities your kids can do for Cinco de Mayo. Consider asking a Mexican friend who knows how to do kid-friendly dances such as the Mexican hat dance. You can also find easy tutorials for kids online. 

Musical Chairs

Transform your usual musical chairs game into one of the most exciting Cinco de Mayo activities for kids. Try playing Mexican songs or Mariachi music and let the kids tap their feet to the beat of the songs. 

Reading Session

This Mexican holiday isn’t complete without a fun reading session for kids. Introduce your kids to new words and traditions for Cinco de Mayo with picture books such as Marco’s Cinco de Mayo by Lisa Bullard and Cinco de Mouse-O! by Judy Cox. We also recommend this list for Spanish children’s books.

Spice Up Your Celebration with Cinco de Mayo Activities for Kids

Cinco de Mayo is an exciting opportunity to teach your kids about a new culture. Bring the fiesta into your homes by making these colorful Cinco de Mayo art activities for preschoolers this coming holiday.

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May 3, 2022