Are Your Children Ready For Summer Camp? We Are!

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We are super excited for summer to arrive. Rayito de Sol is preparing for a fantastically fun June. Our summer camp starts June 1st – August 28th, 2020.

Rayito Children’s Summer Camp

Our summer camp each summer begins with excitement and it grows exponentially. Not only is the end of another school year, but the beginning of another camp season that our children love.

We continue with the educational routine such as circle time, project, and storytime, as well as other educational focuses to help our students retain the valuable skills they have learned during the school year. Each week has a theme, such as STEAM week or an adventure to discover, including traveling to Latin America.

Our activities follow many indoor and outdoor activities, such as field trips to the park, exploring our Nature. The indoor activities contain more of many Latin dances, yoga and arts.

We believe in promoting the personal growth of children, youth and adults from diverse cultures through magical moments framed in fun, learning, and adventure, living with passion personal improvement, multicultural coexistence, and interaction with the environment, as bases for a harmonious lifestyle.

June 2, 2020