best summer camp program for toddlers

Are Your Children Ready For Summer Camp? We Are!

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We are super excited for summer to arrive. Rayito de Sol is preparing for a fantastically fun June. Our summer camp starts June 1st – August 28th, 2020. Rayito Children's Summer Camp Our summer camp each summer begins with excitement…
benefits of children learning musical instruments

Introducing Musical Instruments to Young Children

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If your child can bang on a pot with a wooden spoon, they are a musician. There are several benefits to letting your child drum (rattle, shake, clap, or bang) to their own beat. Firstly, music helps the body and mind work together. Secondly,…

Guide To the Hardest Working Daycare in Chicago

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The beloved poet Carl Sandburg once called us "The City of the Big Shoulders." We like that description. It conveys the "get-down-to-work" ethic all Chicagoans share. So what is the hardest working Daycare in Chicago? The choices can…
fall crafts to try with kids this year

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

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At Rayito de Sol, each day is filled with engaging, stimulating projects and crafts for children. Our school emphasizes communication, problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Our unique STEAM curriculum utilizes science, technology,…

How quickly will my child learn Spanish?

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How quickly will my child learn Spanish?? This is a big question for parents. The truth is:  “A lot sooner than you think,” says Luisa Fuentes, founder of Rayito de Sol schools, “Research shows the earlier children can…
Learning a second language is good childhood mind medicine

Learning a second language is good childhood mind medicine, studies find

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Article from the Cornell University Chronicle by Susan S. Lang Teaching young children how to speak a second language is good for their minds, report two Cornell linguistic researchers. Learning a second language does not cause language…

The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual

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Article by: Viorica Marian, PhD, Anthony Shook ( Today, more of the world’s population is bilingual or multilingual than monolingual. In addition to facilitating cross-cultural communication, this trend also positively affects…
Spanish is a life skill.

Why Speaking Spanish is a life skill

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“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith Spanish is not just a language, it is a life skill. As you research the right place to begin your child’s education, here…

The Benefits of Spanish Immersion vs. Daycare

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“BY HAVING ANOTHER LANGUAGE, YOU HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE VISION OF THE WORLD” – PANOS ATHANASOPOULOSThe Benefits of Spanish Immersion vs. Daycare The Benefits of Spanish Immersion vs. Daycare By starting your child’s education in a…