Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

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fall crafts to try with kids this year

At Rayito de Sol, each day is filled with engaging, stimulating projects and crafts for children. Our school emphasizes communication, problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Our unique STEAM curriculum utilizes science, technology, ARTS and math to nurture intelligent and thoughtful young humans. As the weather turns colder and playing outside is less of an option for kids, we want to share some fun STEAM and fall-inspired crafts to do at home: 

the best fall crafts for kids
Apple Stamps Craft

Apple Stamps

We all have that piece of fruit that is past its due date. Before tossing it – turn it into art!

What you’ll need: Apples, Craft Paint, Googly Eyes (optional), Black Sharpie (optional), Small Clothespins or ribbon, Glue, Card Stock, tote bag, or anything you would like to stamp!

How to do this fall craft with kids:

1. First, cut an apple in half and apply a thick coat of paint to the cut side.

2. Place the apple, cut side down, onto a piece of card stock or your desired item. Rock the apple back and forth gently.

3. Carefully lift the apple to reveal your stamp.

4. Once the paint has dried, add some googly eyes with glue (if you would like!)

5. Attach a small clothespin for the stem or use a hole and ribbon

6. Add a mouth with the black Sharpie

7. And you are ready to display your silly apple guys!

balance sculpture fall crafts for children
A Balance Sculpture (

We found this awesome craft on One Little Project – click here to follow along with pictures! 

A Balance Sculpture

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What You’ll Need: Cardboard, craft paint, paper-towel tube, 5-in. square piece of cardboard, hot glue, floral wire or pipe cleaners, beads, 12-in. Bamboo skewer, sharp ends snipped off.

How to do this fall craft with kids:

1. Cut the cardboard into shapes; paint. Paint the paper-towel tube and square piece of cardboard. Let dry.

2. Flatten one end of the paper-towel tube; staple closed. Cut a small V-shaped notch in the center of the flattened end. This will be the fulcrum.

3. Glue the open end of the paper-towel tube to the cardboard square. Let dry.

4. Thread cardboard shapes, wire, and beads onto a long skewer, balancing and adjusting it on the notch. Continue adjusting, using tape if needed for security, until the sculpture is balanced. 

child learning to do fall crafts

Invisible Ink Art

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When life gives you lemons, make a secret message from invisible ink! Mail it to a friend or relative, include tips on how it works, and let them bring the image or note to light!

What you’ll need: lemon, cotton swab, sheet of white paper, sun, iron, or light bulb

How to do this fall craft with kids:

1. Squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl and add a spoonful of water. Mix gently. Dip the swab into the liquid and write a message or draw a picture on the paper.

2. Let the liquid dry completely so that the message or picture is invisible. To share your secret, set it in sunlight, hold close to a lightbulb, or iron (with adult help). 

3. The message will be revealed! Hang it as artwork or share it with a friend. 

Diluting or adding water to the lemon juice makes it very hard to see when you apply it to the paper, but lemon juice is an organic substance that oxidizes and turns brown when it’s heated up. This means that no one will notice that the secret is there until the paper is heated and the message is revealed! Other substances that work in the same way include orange juice, honey diluted with water, milk, onion juice, and vinegar. 

Enjoy these fun Fall crafts with kids!

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October 21, 2019