Happy Hearts: Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

young boy holding a paper heart

Love truly is in the air this February! As we prepare to say goodbye to the winter season, we open our arms to the season of love. And what better way to send love and spend time with your little ones than with fun-filled crafts at home?

This article lists 14 simple and engaging Valentine’s Day craft ideas for toddlers at home.

Rainbow Heart Valentine Craft

Want a fun painting activity without the mess? Try making this rainbow heart Valentine craft!

Start by adding some paint to the card and placing it inside a resealable bag. Then, let your child use their fingers to create their masterpiece. Once done, let the card dry and cut heart shapes out of them. These cutouts add color and life to your Valentine’s Day card.

Paper Plate Love Birds

Got extra paper plates from the New Year’s celebration? Grab some to make this adorable paper plate love birds!

Paint one side pink, and then dab red polka dots on the other using a round sponge brush. Then, cut out a pair of wings from craft paper and glue them on the side. Add googly eyes and piper cleaners for the beak and legs. Finish it off with your favorite décor, and you’re good to go!

Adorable Heart Stamps

Seal the love in your child’s Valentine’s card when you make these cute little heart stamps!! 

First, cut out heart shapes from a cardboard tube. Then, dip one end of the cardboard stamp in red paint and press it on the card. Let your kid have fun filling the card with heart stamps in different colors! In the end, you’ll get a colorful Valentine’s card to send to your loved ones.

Cupid Arrow Hearts Craft

Are you looking for a cute giveaway this Valentine’s Day? This craft will surely capture the hearts of everyone!

All you need to do is attach foam-glitter hearts on both ends of a popsicle stick, and voila! You have Cupid’s arrow within your reach. Your child can make a whole set of arrows to give to their friends and relatives on Valentine’s Day.

Tissue Paper Valentine’s Wreath

Contrary to popular belief, wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. They’re also great for Valentine’s!

To make this Valentine’s wreath, cut a large heart from a piece of cardboard. Then, paint it as you wish and glue crumpled pieces of colored tissue papers on the heart cutout. Once done, you can poke a hole on top and loop a matching ribbon so you and your kids can hang the masterpiece around your lovely abode.

Yarning For Valentines

First, you need to cut a heart shape out of construction paper. Next, snip yarns in different colors and lengths. Then, drizzle glue all over your heart cutout and arrange the threads on the surface. Let it dry for a few minutes, and you’re done! You can also write a heartfelt message on the back for a charming Valentine’s card.

Handprint Love Bugs

Start creating the love bug’s body by painting your child’s hand and pressing it on a piece of paper. Then, grab construction paper and snip them into hearts for the wings. Next, put the googly eyes, antennas, and a smile on the body, and let your child add the finishing touches!

Heart-Themed Suncatcher

Make your windows shine with a stunning Valentine-themed suncatcher!

Begin by making a heart shape on a transparent plastic plate. Mix glue and liquid watercolor in a separate container. Then, brush colored glue on the heart plate and press colored tissue paper pieces on top. Once dry, punch a hole and add a string for an excellent window décor.

Bubble Wrap Hearts

Do you have spare bubble wraps at home? Instead of throwing them away, why not use them to make cute little bubble wrap hearts?

The first thing you need to do is create a heart shape from the bubble wrap. Then, dip your cutout in your chosen paint and press the surface on a piece of paper or cardstock. See how the dimples of the wrap create different textures on the paper. Repeat until your child is satisfied with their creation!

Tree of Love Handprint Craft

Begin by tracing your child’s hand and forearm on colored paper and cutting the shape out. Then, paste the handprint on a pink mounting paper. Grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter, press on a paint tray, and stamp them around the tree to make the leaves. It makes a unique tree up for display on your walls!

Coffee Filter Hearts

Don’t let your coffee filters go to waste! Instead, why not turn them into a Heart’s Day décor with this lovely craft?

First, you need to cut your coffee filter into heart shapes and put some paint inside. Then, add a few drops of water using an eyedropper in the canvas and let the magic begin! After letting the paint dry, choose a pair of hearts and tie them with a ribbon for a beautiful Valentine’s décor.

Shake Painting Hearts Craft

This mess-free craft is as easy as 1, 2, 3! First, take a large food container. Place the paint first, then add the heart paper cutouts after. Seal the lid and let your child’s hands do the work! Shake the container until all the cutouts have color! Once done, open and behold a colorful array of unique hearts perfect for decorating your Valentine’s card.

Conversation Heart Animal Craft

Valentine’s Day is a great time to send heartfelt messages to your loved ones. Worm your way into their hearts with this conversation heart caterpillar craft.

Make the card by folding construction paper in half. Then, place conversation heart stickers in a row to form the caterpillar’s body and a plain foam heart sticker for the head. And for a finishing touch, you can add mini googly eyes and draw the mouth and legs for added cuteness!

Cardboard Pom-pom Hearts

Why not be cheerful this Valentine’s day by creating pom-pom hearts from scratch? You can start by making small cardboard heart cutouts. Next, combine paint and glue on a small separate container. Let your child paint the hearts with colored glue and fill the heart cutouts with fluffy pom-poms. Top it off with a cute ribbon and hang it inside your home to feel the spirit of love.

Spread the Love this Season with Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

The 14th of February is a great time to share the love with your child. Fill this special day with hugs, kisses, chocolates, and holiday crafts that your family can enjoy. If you want more Valentine-themed art projects, you can check out this article.

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February 12, 2022