Summer Reading: The Best Books for Preschoolers

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It’s just a few days until summer is here! Summer breaks aren’t just a time for fun games and trips to the beach. It is also a wonderful time to catch up on your kid’s reading.

If you’re still in the process of building your collection of children’s books, it can be difficult choosing the best titles. And making sure you have the best is important because reading good books for preschoolers can make the break a more fun-filled learning experience.

Advantages of Summer Reading for Toddlers

Reading is beneficial no matter the season, but it’s an activity that’s best suited during summer. For example, you can beat the summer slide by letting your kids read books. After all, reading can help keep their brains active and prepare for the next school year.

Moreover, reading helps sharpen memory skills. When reading, kids learn and remember words better, especially when read out loud. Books also help widen their imagination because it lets your kids explore different themes and topics, both real and fictional.

Best Books for Preschoolers for Summer Reading

Unsure where to start looking for books? We’ve listed our book recommendations that’s perfect for reading during summer. 


Each Peach Pear Plum

This picture book takes fairytales to the next level with its vivid, detailed images and hidden treasures. By interacting with the pictures, your kids can uncover different tales and learn new nursery rhymes.

The Snowy Day

Even during summertime, your child can revel in the wonders of winter with this book. It captures the winter magic through the eyes of a child, Peter, as he plays in the snow. The best winter adventure, after all, comes from the simplest things that bring joy.

The Little Engine That Could 

This book follows the triumphant tale of the Little Blue Engine. When one engine breaks down, Little Blue Engine offers to deliver the gifts in their stead. Despite the setbacks, she powers through with a train full of gifts and toys for children waiting on a mountain. 

Picture Books

Fantastic Flowers

This picture book showcases vivid illustrations of unusual flowers in different shapes and sizes. The vibrant pictures will surely grab your kid’s attention and the delicate rhymes will keep them engaged. It includes an informational section where your child can learn how flowers bloom and reproduce.


If your child is shy, they might be able to relate with the main character in this book. It tells the story of a young girl who fights her tendency to be shy around people and takes the first step in making new friends. The picture book is made up of vivid collages which are a powerful storytelling device. It drives the message home even without words.

Animal Ark 

This book captures the animal world’s beauty and diversity through its impressive collection of portraits and poems. Your child can explore the characteristics of more than 40 animals, including endangered species. With this book, your child can learn the importance of conserving animal life.

Interactive Books

Touch Think Learn: Vehicles 

This interactive book contains raised cutout images that let your child see each vehicle, feel its unique shape, and learn the words for different types of cars. What’s more, the book includes a list of related words to help enrich your child’s vocabulary. This book is part of the Touch Think Learn series for babies and children.

Play This Book

If your child loves music, they’ll enjoy reading this book! It lets your child strum a guitar, hit the drums, and play the piano even without using an actual instrument. Your child will learn about different musical instruments thanks to the book’s colorful illustrations and delightful rhymes.

Say Zoop 

Turn reading into an exciting adventure! This book will engage your child’s imagination by allowing them to explore and interact with the book to uncover surprises. The colorful pictures and zany designs will help your child learn colors, patterns, and rhythms the fun way.

Tap the Magic Tree

This book teaches your child about the four seasons. As the seasons change, the bare brown tree also changes as your child reads and interacts with the book. For example, your child can clap, pat, tap, and shake the book to help the tree transform!


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Step up your child’s alphabet game with a fun read-aloud alphabet book! Your child can follow the letters as they race to the coconut tree. The fun rhythmic text will surely help the alphabet stick inside your child’s head.

The Great Day 

This book lets your child tag along with a little boy on his busy day. Watch as the boy embarks on an action-packed adventure of playing, jumping, and running. Your kids will share the same energy and excitement as the little boy as they read. 

Don’t Let the Pigeons Drive the Bus! 

With its humorous storytelling, this book can turn any dull read-aloud session into something super enjoyable! The characters include a driver on a break, a persistent pigeon, and your child (the reader). Laugh your hearts out to the pigeon’s desperate pleas to drive the bus while the driver is away.

Baby Goes to Market 

Allow your child to discover the wonders of the marketplace with this read-aloud book. Throughout this action-packed market trip, your kids will repeat numbers and names of different types of food Baby is keeping behind his Mama’s back.

Stories for the Young Ones

The Mitten

One small mitten can go a long way. This classic tale brings animals into life as they seek shelter inside a young boy’s fallen mitten on a winter night. But as more and more animals live inside the glove, it eventually stretches and breaks.

The Rabbit Listened

This tale follows the story of a young girl, Taylor, as she copes with a sad situation. While reading the book, your child will learn different ways to comfort someone who’s feeling down. At the end of the day, it takes one good listener to soothe the heartache and make things better.

This is Sadie

This book explores the mind of a little girl with a big imagination. Your child can join Sadie’s whimsical adventures as she becomes a girl living under the sea, a boy raised by wolves, and many more! With its joyous, magical storytelling, this story can inspire your child to let their imagination and creativity run wild.

Bedtime Stories

Little Owl’s Night 

Explore the wonders of the night with this classic bedtime story. This story follows the Little Owl’s visits to its friends during the night. Your child will encounter singing crickets, croaking frogs, and a lot of other creatures in the story. 

The Going to Bed Book 

Bedtime stories become more exciting if your child has cute animals to accompany them as they get ready for bed. Follow your animal friends as they take a bath, brush their teeth, and rest for the day. With this story, your child can make their bedtime routine feel like less of a chore and more of a fun routine.

Love You Forever 

This heartwarming tale shows a mother’s love that lasts a lifetime. Her tender loving care shines as she holds her baby and rocks him to sleep. Reading this bedtime story can help build a stronger bond that makes your child feel loved and cared for.

Make Reading Time Fun with Your Kid

Summer reading for toddlers doesn’t have to feel like a chore. With the right books, your child will definitely enjoy reading even though it’s the break. If you need more books to read, you can check our favorite children’s books in English and Spanish.

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July 24, 2021