30 Backyard Activities to Try With Kids This Fall

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fun fall backyard activities for kids

Fall is still in full swing, and your kids are pretty much all set for the upcoming school break and holidays. And you know what that means? More fun times to spend outdoors!

Fortunately, you don’t even need to go far away from home. We have listed 30 exciting activities to bring backyard fun for kids this autumn season.

  1. Rake, Pile, and Leap!

  2. Got a tall stack of leaves in your backyard? Don’t dump them yet! Instead, rake them up and let your kids stomp and jump on a mountain pile of fallen leaves. 

  3. Count the Falling Leaves

  4. Here’s an exciting way to teach your kids how to count during the fall season! Toss some leaves into the air and let your kids catch as many as they can. Then, ask them to count how many leaves they have in their hands.

  5. Explore the Colors of Fall

  6. Amp the vibrance of autumn with a fun color guessing game. Print out the colors of the rainbow and tell your kids to look for items with the same color in the backyard.

  7. Collect Leaves for Crafts

  8. There are many fun ways to upcycle the leaf pile in your backyard. Keep the leaves in a bag and save them for a bunch of fun fall crafts such as Fall Leaf Prints and Leaf Hedgehogs.

  9. Create a Leaf Crown

  10. Top off your kid’s dreams of being a prince or a princess with a stunning leaf crown. And the fun part? There are many ways to make it—fold, glue, or staple them to your kid’s liking. 

  11. Paint Mini-Pumpkins

  12. Carving pumpkins is a fall staple, but it can be dangerous for your kid’s tiny hands. A great alternative is to paint the mini-pumpkins instead! Set up a table with kid-friendly paints and brushes, and let your kids get artsy with their choice of design.

  13. Build a Leaf Labyrinth

  14. Let the young ones embark on an exciting journey with a leaf maze. To do this, rake your pile of leaves and shape them into a labyrinth for your kids to navigate. 

  15. Make a Leaf Slide

  16. Got a slide in your backyard? Add a fall-inspired twist to it! Pile up some leaves at the bottom for an exciting finish to their slippery slope ride.

  17. Hold a Fall Scavenger Hunt

  18. Scatter as many fall-themed items as you can in your backyard, and give your kids a list of things to search. Set a timer and let the young ones look for as many items as they can.

  19. Collect Acorns and Pinecones

  20. Grab a small bucket and let your kids pick up acorns and pinecones in your backyard. Later on, you can use them to create fun fall-themed crafts.

  21. Assemble a Fall-Themed Sensory Bin

  22. Gather an assortment of fall trinkets to create a fall-inspired sensory bin for your toddlers. You can add tiny pebbles, leaves, acorns, chestnuts, and sunflowers in a large container. Then, let your kids play with the items using spoons and small plastic cups.

  23. Set Up a Nature Table

  24. For this activity, you’ll need a table and items inspired by fall—from candy corns, gourds, pine cones, acorns, leaves, and chestnuts. This backyard activity tickles your kid’s curiosity as they pick up, play, and experiment with the objects.

  25. Decorate Your House with Fall-Themed Items

  26. Inject a touch of autumn in your house decor with fall-themed objects and crafts. Design your porch and yard with pumpkins, corn stalks, acorn garlands, and gourds for bushels of fun this fall season.

  27. Tinker A Decorative Corn Cob

  28. Want a fun sensory play activity? Try giving your kids a decorative corn cob to tinker. Let them peel off the husk and then remove the kernels from the cob one by one.

  29. Do a Nature Cutting Exercise

  30. Enjoy a snippy-snappy afternoon in the backyard with this nature cutting exercise. Give your kids a pair of child-friendly scissors and let them cut horizontal, vertical, and zigzag lines on leaves, long stems, and flowers.

  31. Create Chalk Art on Pavements

  32. Unleash your kid’s inner Picasso or van Gogh with this chalk art activity. Your kids will have a great time creating their ultimate masterpiece using colored chalks on concrete pavements. Make sure to keep a close eye on them during this activity to prevent accidents on the road.

  33. Spray Paint on Walls

  34. Stick a large roll of paper on your backyard wall or fence. Hand your kids a bunch of spray bottles with different colors, and let them paint the canvas with the shades of fall.

  35. Get Physical with Outdoor Exercises

  36. Start healthy habits at an early age by doing exercises with your kids in the backyard. Look up kid-friendly exercise videos on the Internet and perform them with the family. 

  37. Swing Around

  38. If you don’t have a swing set at home, you can hang an old tire to a tree using a sturdy rope. Your kids will enjoy swaying along to the winds of falls.

  39. Have a Backyard Bonfire

  40. Huddle the entire family around a cozy bonfire in the backyard and pretend like you’re camping outdoors. You can share spooky ghost stories and indulge in treats like smores and apples. 

  41. Camp in Your Backyard

  42. You can still enjoy a full-fledged camp experience in your backyard. Pitch a tent and roll out the sleeping bags for a fun outdoor night activity with the little ones.

  43. Go Stargazing

  44. Add excitement to your backyard camp with a stargazing activity for the kids. Sit back and relax on your sleeping bags and observe the sea of stars in the night sky. 

  45. Organize a Picnic with the Family

  46. If camping is not your thing, why not try a quaint picnic in your backyard instead? Set up a blanket and enjoy a peaceful meal with the family while watching leaves rustle and fall.

  47. Take Movie Nights Outdoors

  48. Spice up your family movie nights by arranging your very own outdoor movie theater. You’ll need to prepare a white screen, projector, speakers, and a laptop. Grab some popcorn and enjoy a movie or two under the starry sky.

  49. Play a Friendly Flag Football Game

  50. Take your kids and their friends to the backyard and hold a friendly game of flag football. Split them into teams of 4 and let them compete over which flag gets pulled. The team that keeps their flag intact wins the game!

  51. Enjoy a Game of Hide and Seek

  52. Who doesn’t love a good round of hide and seek? Aside from an exciting rush, this game also teaches them to pay attention to their surroundings and find the best hiding spots.

  53. Plant Flowers for Spring

  54. Fall is the perfect time to start growing your garden in time for spring. You can plant beautiful bulbs such as daffodils, lilies, tulips, irises, and hyacinths in your backyard. Get your kid’s hands dirty as they dig the soil and water the plants before leaving them to their devices.

  55. Clean Up the Yard

  56. Get your broomsticks and dust bins ready for an autumn yard clean-up. Rake and gather the leaves in a corner pile, which you can use for fun activities later. You can also ask your kids to help you pull out dead plants, leaves, and weeds from your garden before winter arrives.

  57. Read Fall-Themed Stories Outdoors

  58. Set up a hammock in your backyard or sit comfortably under a tree for a great reading experience. Get lost in the tales of fall with your kids amidst a crisp autumn backdrop.

  59. Have an Autumn Backyard Photoshoot

  60. Capture the fleeting moments in fall by having an autumn-themed backyard shoot with your kids. You can hire a professional photographer, or you can ask everyone to take turns holding the camera.

Pile on the Fall Fun With Backyard Activities For Toddlers

The stunning colors and lively atmosphere of fall make it a great season to spend time outdoors. With our list, you will never run out of fun fall activities for kids.

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January 8, 2022