preschooler using an abacus

At-Home Preschool Science Experiments Your Kids Can Try

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Science opens a number of fun learning opportunities for your kid. At their age, your little ones will often curiously tinker around new objects just to see how they work—just like what a scientist does. After all, they learn best with hands-on…
two kids making art with colored cut-outs on a table

The Benefits of a STEAM Approach to Curriculum

Preparing your child for the next step in education is an important responsibility. Part of this involves ensuring that your kid learns in a way that stimulates their critical thinking, observation, and communication skills.  With that said,…
best summer camp program for toddlers

Are Your Children Ready For Summer Camp? We Are!

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We are super excited for summer to arrive. Rayito de Sol is preparing for a fantastically fun June. Our summer camp starts June 1st – August 28th, 2020. Rayito Children's Summer Camp Our summer camp each summer begins with excitement…
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What is STEM? The acronym for STEM was first introduced in 2001. The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) had previously used the acronym SMET until a man by the name of Judith Ramaley rearranged the letters to form the word STEM. STEM…