a young girl playing with blocks

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Most kids enter kindergarten at the age of five. The idea that children should be ready for school at five years old is a hot topic for debate, however.  Some argue that age is just a number. If you think about it, kids learn to walk and…
two kids making art with colored cut-outs on a table

The Benefits of a STEAM Approach to Curriculum

Preparing your child for the next step in education is an important responsibility. Part of this involves ensuring that your kid learns in a way that stimulates their critical thinking, observation, and communication skills.  With that said,…
hwo to talk to children about racism early

How to Talk to Children About Racism

REMAINING SILENT IS NOT AN OPTION How to talk to children about racism is a very important and dear subject to me. As a proud Peruvian woman, mother, sister, friend, and business owner of Black and Latina descent, I have made cultural diversity,…
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