Speak Spanish. Eat Organic. Read the Stats.

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Speak Spanish. Eat Organic. Read the Stats. If you have children or are expecting, eating organic is probably on your mind.  “Babies eat more than adults, pound for pound, and are more vulnerable to environmental toxins," says…
Nobel Prize

Spanish First, Nobel Second.

We told you 52% of CEOs are billingual. This next statistic, however, will blow your mind. Over 60% of Nobel Prize Winners, since 2015, are bilingual-- or they speak multiple languages. Yeah, we know they are smart, but still. That makes…

Settle “Early Decision” Earlier--Learn Spanish.

SETTLE "EARLY DECISION" EARLIERBenefits of Being Bilingual and the Correlation with College Acceptance Outcomes. The drive home from the hospital may seem a bit early to start thinking about your newborns’ college education and career.…
new daycare now open in chicago

A Brief History Of Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion Preschool & Daycare

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Luisa Fuentes emigrated from Lima Peru to Minnesota over 17 years ago. Luisa knew that to be successful it was imperative for her to begin the immersion process in her new community by first learning the language and then concurrently learning…
speaking spanish outside

Outside Play & Parks To Incorporate Spanish

The Twin Cities are full of great parks! Parks give us a great opportunity to get out in nature and spend time with our family and friends. Children can play on playgrounds, swim in outdoor pools, play sports, dance, listen to music, discover…
learning spanish at an early age

The Benefits of Speaking Spanish to Children During Infancy

At Rayito de Sol, we embrace bilingual education. From our classroom curriculum to physical activities, we are always incorporating Spanish into the lives of our students. There are many benefits to exposing children and babies to a second…