Spanish is a life skill.

Why Speaking Spanish is a life skill

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“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith Spanish is not just a language, it is a life skill. As you research the right place to begin your child’s education, here…

The Benefits of Spanish Immersion vs. Daycare

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“BY HAVING ANOTHER LANGUAGE, YOU HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE VISION OF THE WORLD” – PANOS ATHANASOPOULOSThe Benefits of Spanish Immersion vs. Daycare The Benefits of Spanish Immersion vs. Daycare By starting your child’s education in a…

Why Immersion learning builds intelligence

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Why Immersion learning builds intelligence Before you are even expecting, deciding your child’s schooling can be overwhelming.  Giving your child the gift of language is an important start for a lifetime of success and continued…

Speak Spanish. Eat Organic. Read the Stats.

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Speak Spanish. Eat Organic. Read the Stats. If you have children or are expecting, eating organic is probably on your mind.  “Babies eat more than adults, pound for pound, and are more vulnerable to environmental toxins," says…
early learning center open in chicago


Parents considering daycare options for their children age six weeks to five years have an exciting new alternative as Chicago’s first Spanish immersion childcare facility just opened its doors. Located in the Roscoe Village neighbourhood,…

Playing and Learning with Blocks - Rayito de Sol’s Specialty Learning Areas

Most of us can recall a memory in our childhood where we built something out of blocks.  At that moment, we were under the impression we were just having a fantastic time with our imagination and our playmates, as we fancied on about our…
NPN annual preschool & elementary school fair

Join Us At NPN's Preschool & Elementary Fair!

Join Rayito de Sol at the NPN's Annual Preschool & Elementary School Fair! We are excited to speak with you about our opening in Chicago and answer all of your questions. We look forward to meeting you in person! NPN's Annual Preschool…
learning with colors at a daycare for kids

The Colors Of Rayito de Sol

When your child has the opportunity to first experience Rayito de Sol, their eyes will jump along the brightly hued colors of our facility. Each room a vibrant glow of yellow, orange, green, blue and red. Inspiring, inviting, and stimulating;…
learning spanish at an early age

The Benefits of Speaking Spanish to Children During Infancy

At Rayito de Sol, we embrace bilingual education. From our classroom curriculum to physical activities, we are always incorporating Spanish into the lives of our students. There are many benefits to exposing children and babies to a second…